E-Juice PODS for CLIC 1.5ml 4/Pack

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Honeydew Melon is an energizing and very sweet juicy honeydew melon from start to finish.
Pink Passion is a tropical fruit mix with a sour passion fruit at the forefront with a sweet juicy guava for the finish.
Peach Sunrise is a batch of sweet soft ripened peaches from start to finish.
The Man is Strawberry Milkshake By One Hit Wonders.
The Muffin Man is Apple Cinnamon  Muffin By One Hit Wonders.
Fresh Mix includes 4 flavor pods (Peach Sunrise, Honeydew Melon, The Man, Muffin Man).
  • Each Pod is Approximately 400 Puffs*
  • 1.5ml pods 
  • 5% nicotine by weight 
  • Long Lasting   
  • Made for smokers
  • 4 Pods in a Pack 
SKU: CEJ3102

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