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Purple Power Original Formula


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Purple Power Original Formula will clean any product with ease. This incredible no-scrub, soaking solution is sure to leave all Pyrex, glass and acrylic plastic sparkling like new! Go ahead, try this cleaner on your water pipes, bongs, hand pipes, grinders or ashtrays. You will be wowed by the cleaning strength of Purple Power.


  • Shake Bottle
  • Place item into a container and soak for 45 minutes
  • Rinse thoroughly with hot water
  • Repeat if necessary, then air dry
  • Re-bottle solution for the same effective cleaning results next time

Pro Tip  For larger items and acrylics, dilute Purple Power with 50% hot tap water.

Caution  Do not use on metals.

Purple Power has been creating high performance cleaning products since 1996.

Made in the USA

Available Sizes: 32oz, 16oz, 8oz

Purple Power Original Formula 32oz, 16oz, 8oz
Purple Power Original Formula 16oz